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For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically records the consumer's domain name and IP address. We collect only the domain name of visitors to our web page, aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit, and information volunteered by the consumer, such as registration forms, survey information and/or site registrations. We do not collect e-mail addresses of unregistered visitors. Cookies may be used to collect information.

The aggregated information we collect is used for the following purposes:

1. to improve the content of our Web pages

2. shared with advertisers and potential advertisers to help them assess suitability for their ad campaigns

3. verify our claims of traffic to the site

In regards to cookies, may record cookies in cookie files only to prevent repetitious ad banner placements.  If you do not want the frequency of ad exposure controlled, you can deny this feature by setting it in your browser options.

Registered Users Data

Registered users are asked to complete a registration form with identifying information and demographic information.
The information we collect on registered users is used in the following ways:

1. to improve the content of our Web pages

2. used to notify users via e-mail newsletters about updates to our Web site

3. used by us for marketing Mach 1 and/or Mustang related products and services

4. used to verify cumulative demographic statistics

5. Telephone numbers of registered users will not be disclosed, sold or rented to outside firms for any purpose.

PayPal Payments
No credit card information is collected or disclosed from PayPal to Only user's VERIFIED shipping address and email is disclosed to us. Please see PayPal's privacy statement at

Currently, E-mail and postal mail addresses may be used by Mach 1 Registry to promote Mach 1 Website products and services, surveys, and for editorial consultations with users.

We allow each registered user to "opt out" of receiving e-mail and postal mail from us.  please send an email to and in the subject line, place "Remove" or "Unsubscribe"

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